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Outer Limits registered its brandname in the year 1999. The name reflects our specialism because you can always find us at some border of international challenging projects. Be it due to technical, location, managerial or environmental challenges.


Outer Limits started in the mechanical field and continued with complete installations soon after. Our customers were mostly European companies involved in the field of Oil and Gas, Proces, Production or Food (meat, dairy and beverages). Some of these companies had business outside of the EU and Outer Limits assisted them on several locations worldwide.

Multi discipline

We soon understood that we had to expand our knowledge to become multi-disciplined technical troubleshooters on location. In this way we have become a one-stop shop for companies assisting them with full site management anywhere on the globe.
We currently provide support in the following disciplines (but not limited to): Mechanical, E&I, Process- and Food technology, PLC, Piping, Civil, (Steel)Constructions, QA/QC, HSEQ, Site-, Construction- and Projectmanagement.


It is our goal to assist companies on location anywhere in the world. We will compile or supplement your site management staff and will relief your home office providing worry free service where needed. Outer Limits will make sure that the project is performed at the highest standards with regards to all your demands, rules and regulations. Outer Limits will apply the highest safety standards to assure optimum safety for everybody onsite. Outer Limits is familiar with multi-cultural international work force and will address them always with high regards.
Our staff consists predominantly out of selfemployed multi-lingual experienced professionals who all fall under direct responsibillity off

Our Services

Outer Limits will bring together, compile or supplement site teams as requested, combined with your or our staff. Local work force, if needed, will be screened and managed to comply with your rules. The goal is to minimize site related issues and constantly monitor HSEQ, budget, progress and quality.
All according to your predetermined level of satisfaction.

Site teams

Outer Limits will compile site teams as resquested. Consisting of your own team, our team and possibly local contractors. Outer Limits will take full responsibillity of the execution, safety and good conduct onsite.

Site monitoring

Outer Limits will monitor and report on all activities, quality and progress according to your wishes, rules and regulations.
Outer Limits will continuously manage resources towards the best possible performance.

Site management

Outer Limits will manage all site related affairs, attend or direct meetings and will always represent our client in the best possible way.
Outer Limits will keep our client fully informed on site related issues and will always act according to the clients best interest.

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Project impression and general technical disciplines

Outer Limits BV

Hi, my name is Rob Conradi. I have progressively built my career to site and project management level whilst gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise through over 30 years of diverse international experience. My extensive knowledge of building and leading high performance professional teams and managing projects in diverse sectors (machine building, construction, utilities, oil and gas and other (process) industries) is complemented by my tertiary and industry certifications.

I am more than willing to explain to you what our core value is and how I can help your project to become a success. As mentioned our expertise is performance at offsite and foreign locations, and even under challenging conditions but we can assist you, your team anywhere. We can deploy quickly and have a wide range of international experts on standby. Please feel free to contact me anytime 24/7/365 to find out more.


Rob Conradi

Director Outer Limits BV


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